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When Should I Buy My Bridesmaid Dresses?

Recently, many prospective brides consult us “When Should I Buy My Bridesmaid Dresses?”, for example:

When should I buy my bridesmaid dresses?

Obviously, this is a very common problem for newcomers who are preparing to get married, meanwhile it can not be overlooked.

If you buy them too early, the figure of the bridesmaid may change greatly on the wedding day, the bridesmaid dress you have bought will not fit and will eventually affect the quality of the wedding. No doubt, this is a very frustrating thing.

If you buy too late, there will be many uncontrollable factors,  for example,  if you need to modify or return, time will not be enough, there maybe no dresses for the bridesmaids on your big day, everything we have done for this most important day in our life, maybe it will leave a lifelong regret because of this flaw.

Then, when should I Buy my bridesmaid dresses?

First of all, we need to confirm several factors with the merchant:

  1.  The processing time – (making and checking your dress.)
  2.  The shipping time to you.
  3.  How long will it take to exchange or return it?

Take as an example.

If you like one of a Purple Bridesmaid Dresses – Beautiful Grape Chiffon Floor-length Beading Bridesmaid Dress.

aubergine bridesmaid dresses

In general, the making and checking time of the bridesmaid dress is 4 – 9 days (except in special cases), shipping time will be 4-7 days (except in special cases), so, it will take about 9-17 days in total. If you want to exchange ot return, except for the 9-17 days,  other 10 days of the shipping time for the return should be added on,  and it will also takes time to explain to the store. 。

So, we recommend that you buy your bridesmaid dress at least 60 days in advance, not long or short.


The best colour for bridesmaid-Purple

In the wedding , the bride usually chooses one or some best friends as her bridesmaids to enjoy her happiest time together . So for the bridesmaids , it is very important to choose a suitable bridesmaid dress at the wedding , especially the choice of colour . Buy affordable bridesmaid dresses online is convenience and important.
If you want to pick a bridesmaid dress which is in keeping with each occation , the purple bridesmaid dress is the best option . Whatever dark purple or light purple is delicate and romantic . It is low-key that can’t overemphasize the splendor of bride . In the meanwhile it can make bridesmaid to be elegant .
The dark purple bridesmaid dresses
The dark purple bridesmaid dresses are full of charm and magic . If you are a Sister with power , you will look great in dark purple , and make you have more powerful . Those who have a good shape don’t worry the material of bridesmaid dresses , but hard material is a better choice for those who are kind of chubby .
The light purple bridesmaid dresses
The light purple bridesmaid dresses is more romantic like Lavender . Compared with Violet , it is more femininity . It will make the bridesmaid more gentle . However , the material and design need to ask for the professional .
Tips for Dark people
If you are not as white as other people , but you have a good shape and you are confident in yourself , you still can choose the purple bridesmaid dresses . If you are not , you can choose the different material to cover yourself .
All in all , the purple bridesmaid dress is a very popular choice . On one hand , the purple can effect other colors to cover their gloss ; on the other hand , no matter what dark or light purple has his own strengths , you can pick up according to your hobbies , shapes and personalities . You always can choose one that is suitable for you . And the healthy skin goes with the bright purple well , which can improve your confidence .