Choosing a suitable neckline of a wedding dress for a perfect bride

Each girl has a dream that to be a most beautiful bride at the big day, but, to be honest, not everybody have a Well-proportioned body, elegant neck, sexy collarbone, in order to be a perfect bride in your weding, choosing the suitable neckline is really very important. So, sisters, please give up the unfit neckline according to your body shape.

1. Straight-Across

Straight-Across wedding dress is very common, which can be easily controlled, relative to other collar types, it doesn’t have any outstanding focus, but brides’ beautiful shoulder and collarbone can be shown perfectly, and it is very elegant. Therefore, the straight-across always show a good sense of beauty and an implicative charm. The Straight-Across wedding dress is very suitable for a fat bride

Suitable: full body, wide shoulders
Not suitable: more arm muscles, less full chest


2. Sweetheart

Sweetheart, the name has already won, the most popular collar type, none other than it, low-cut tailoring, collar-shaped upper end like a heart-shaped, the bride who wants to show the bride of “career line” slightly, please stop disguising the ecstasy in your heart. Chooseing it, Chooseing it, Chooseing it……

Suitable: sexy busty bride, fat bride
Not suitable: brides who do not want to be naked and have a small breast

3. V-neck

V-neck is considered to be a popular style. It can cover the bride’s fatty shoulders and upper arms. It can also make the bride’s neck look slender and show a beautiful collarbone. This design will make the bride look higher and higher. Meanwhile, it can reduce the attention of the chest, whether it is deep V or shallow V according to the personal favorite effect.
Suitable: Smaller chest
Not suitable: thin and small

4. Illusions

The neckline made of sheer gauze, looming in sight, is pure but not exquisite. It is ideal for brides with a beautiful collarbone and a dream wedding dress.
Suitable for: beautiful bride with clavicle
Not suitable: the bride whose clavicle curve is not prominent

5. Queen Ann Neckline

From the design of the royal family, the back collar is high, the front collar is shaped like a diamond on the clavicle and chest, so that the chest, clavicle and neck look longer, wide shoulder straps around the shoulder, the collar looks like a diamond cut, Elegant and sexy, especially suitable for women with shoulders and width, wearing like a model, but also want to lose weight!

Suitable for: flat and wide bride
Not suitable: The chest is not full enough, the bride does not stand out the clavicle


6. One-shoulder

A shoulder strap draped over one side of the shoulder, there is always a sense of inadvertent but not negligible beauty, this oblique neckline design allows other people’s eyes to focus on your upper body, highlighting the clavicle, neck and shoulders. In the same way as short-haired girls, they can be sexy and cute. You must remember that one shoulder must not be pulled too tight or too loose, otherwise it will affect the shape of the chest, so the curve out of it is pretty ~~

Suitable for: Bride with wide shoulders and straight, full bodice
Unsuitable: The shoulder curves are not prominent, the shoulders or shoulders are too wide

How to Measure Correctly When Buying Beautiful Dresses Online

As is known to all of us, online shopping has become more and more popular with us, because we can almost easily buy anything from the online shop at home, such as furniture, food, electronics, clothing and so on.

When shopping online, we usually check the quality of the product, and sometimes we even read the comments from the person who has bought the item. But when it comes to buying clothes online, there is a factor we have to pay attention to.

Unlike other products, dresses need to fit perfectly to look beautiful, comments can not tell you whether it is suit for you, determining whether a dress is suit for you is a  very personalized thing.  By looking at the picture on the computer screen, it’s hard to determine the right size for your own, which is a big flaw in online shopping. Fortunately, there are some ways to make sure that your clothes are more suitable for you before you buy or try it on. These method is how to get your measurements correctly so that you can buy your own pretty clothes without hesitation and confidence.

1.Prepare for Measuring Yourself

First of all, before buying clothes, the most important thing is to measure your size correctly. When measuring, to ensure that you can get the exact data, pelase use a tailor tape, instead of a metal ruler.  Please note that some of the company’s size 4 is another company’s size 6. Please write down the data you have measured, and then you can  buy your favorite clothes online referring to these data. If you couldn’t measure yourself, you can find a professional person to help you measure these data, in fact, this is a better way to get measurement data, professional people can always find a better way.

2.What You Should Measure

Bust: You should be aware that this is not your bra size. You can wear an unpadded bra when measuring your bust, this is because most dresses come with in-built bras. To get you bust size, relax your arms at your sides, then pull the tape across the fullest part of your bust.

Waist: Most clothing brands use the measurement of the “natural waist’ for their size guides. To measure the natural waist, you can find the smallest part of the waist, usually 1 inch (ca, 2.5cm) above your belly button. Keep the tape slightly loose to allow for breathing space.

Hips: Measure the widest part of your hips. If you can’t figure out where your hips hit, it is usually 7 inches (ca, 18cm) below your natural waist. The tape should brush across both hipbones. This might be challenging, so it is recommended that you have a friend assist you with this or that you do it in front of a mirror.

Height: It is advisable that you have someone assist you when you want to measure your height. Stand straight with your feet together. Measure in bare feet. Begin at the top of your head and pull the tape straight down to the floor.

Hollow to Floor: measure from the hollow space within the collarbones and pull the tape straight down to the floor (to the dress hem). Measure in bare feet.

3.Referring to the Size Chart

Most online clothing retailers have put the size chart on their site, it is very handy when you buy dresses online which you can’t try it on. The size chart will help you to get a balance between your actual size and standard size. Each clothing retailer has their own size chart, before you add the dress you like to the shopping bag, please ensure that you have referred to the size chart of the one who you will buy the dress from. Please don’t fall into believing that you wear an 8 in one brand automatically mean that you wear an 8 in every other brand. dedicates a special page for our size chart. You can check it at:

Concluding remarks

Getting  your measurements correctly can ensure that you will know the perfect size to get for your clothes. It will save you a ton of cash when you are shopping online for clothes. It will also save you the frustration of getting the wrong size, and you can know when to make alterations to your clothes.